Top 4 Best Reasons to Rely On Interior House Painters in Orlando Fl

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Many homeowners in Orlando Fl get confused when it comes to whether or not they should hire a professional to take care of their interior painting needs or try to DIY the project. The naked truth is, the average number of homeowners don’t have any idea that how much goes into the work involved with a painting project until they attempt to handle it on their own. However, there’s a great deal of work included with a painting project and it’s a lot more than just applying paint to the walls. So, if your only motivation is to save more money, you should take a look at what the project entails and how much it would cost. 

So what are the best reasons to allow the professional house painters in Orlando Fl to take care of the job for you:

1. Superb Quality Tools and Paint -

More than likely, you don’t have high-quality tools and paints just waiting to be used. Hence, it only makes sense that you should invest in buying all the supplies required to get the job done. However, buying all the tools can be expensive, especially the items you are not likely to use again any time soon. So hiring house painters in Orlando can be a good decision as they use latest technologically advanced tools and techniques to complete the project efficiently. 

2. Preparation and Clean up -

What many homeowners don’t realize is the majority of the work is about preparing the walls and the space for interior jobs and then the clean up process. In fact, you should work on a surface that’s clean and free of any damage and then handle extensive as well as messy clean up perfectly.

3. Skill -

Interior painting may not seem like much complex until you try totake on the whole project yourself. Even if this is not your first attempt at painting, you are not going to get results like you would if you allow the pros to handle the job for you. 

4. Expertise and Suggestions -

You will have to make choices when taking on an interior painting project in Orlando. There’s nothing like having an experienced and trained expert to rely on for feedback, advice nad suggestions, when it comes to making right choice for your project.

 Take the Perfect Decision -

Now you understand all the reasons of hiring a trained expert, you just need to take the right call. When it comes to Orlando, it’s wise to rely on qualified house painters in Orlando Fl of Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. With over 28 years of experiencing backing our Orlando interior contractors, you’re going to love the results we offer you. Get in touch with us as you crew of Orlando interior painting contractors and let the transformation of your home interior get started! 

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Colors Of Your Home

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No doubt there is real power in paint but only when applied perfectly. A fresh layer of paint can transform the boring and unpleasant look of a room right away. Nevertheless, a poor paint choice can make your room feel busy, small, or colorless. And most importantly it can drive away potential customers if you are planning to put your home on sale.

To help you, here I have compiled a list of some common paint mistakes that you must want to avoid next time you are going to paint your home.

Picking colors that precisely match your favorite objects:

If you wish your pet accent piece to look exceptional in a room, pick colors that are identical but softer. For example,rather than selecting the particular green in your favorite bed-sheet, pick a green that’s lighter & more subtle in nature, so the rich green of the bed-sheet pops.

Going with a white or cream color just because it is a safer bet:

Even neutral colors like gray, white, and beige avail in various tones and shades, so employ the sample-size or oversize colors that paint stores provide to aid you make the ideal selection of colors you wish. Pick no more than 3 or 4 colors that attracts you. On every wall, tape up the oversize paint samples and notice your choices all through the day as the light transforms.

Picking colors that are excessively bright:

Colors that are bright and clear are too strong for a majority of interiors. A pretty large, sunny room can manage kelly green or sunshine yellow, but we require colors for our rooms that mix well with the environment we live, harmonize what we like, and camouflage the aspects that are absent. If you have always dreamed a red dinning hall, avoid crayon red to anything more subdued, for example, a raspberry tint or a brick tone.

Choosing colors that aren’t appropriate for the room:

Warm colors are likely to make people feel good & look great. Dusty warm plums, rusty golds and earthy reds work magnificently for dinning halls and powder rooms. Cool shades are likely to make people feel restful. Natural greens, cheerful lavenders and silver blues works best in living rooms and bedrooms. Green walls can make people seem unhealthy in a bathroom, whereas bright-yellow can make people feel nervous in a bedroom. Think cautiously regarding how you wish to feel & what you wish to achieve in different spaces.

If you are still not so sure about what colors to choose for your room, you better contact Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. Our expert painters in Orlando FL can offer you great ideas in terms of selecting colors. Call us at 407-679–0111!

Why Do You Rely On Professional Painters In Orlando, Fl?

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We are the most famed interior painter in Orlando, Florida.Compared to any DIY house painting job, with a professional painter, you will get perfectly finished walls as per your requirement. Perfectly polished and smooth painted walls of your house will shower you with great compliments from friends, visitors and guests.

When thinking to consider a residential painting service in Orlando, Fl, there are so many people who prefer to do it in an old fashioned way – on their own. While DIY home painters in Orlando are as popular as they have ever been, there are still plentiful reasons to hire professional painter in Orlando Fl for your house painting projects. Though it may seem like an easy project to handle on your own, painting on your own can end up a bigger mess than your expectation. Below, there are a few best reasons to hire a professional painting contractor instead of doing it yourself:

Minimal Stress: -

Any home painting task comes up with an unexpected level of stress; but most people don’t even realize the difficulty of painting their own homes until they’ve started their project. Instead of days of painting turning into weeks and months, a professional painter will work much faster. Not only they are skilled and experienced with the procedure, they are also adhering a full set of planning at the time of price quote.


Time Saving: -

Though professional painting contractors have years of experience and expertise, they know how quickly the job can be done. Therefore, they will try to finish the task in just a fraction of time you would’ve taken if you’d chosen to do it all by your own.

Cost Effective: -

Hiring a painter when you could’ve done the entire things yourself sounds like spending too much on painting job; but if you invest the the hard work and time that it takes you to do a paint job, hiring a professional painter is well-worth of the cost.

Simply Do It Better: -

Qualified painters have been in the industry for years, so they know what it takes to do a perfect painting job. They complete each and every step perfectly and know which paint equipment to utilize and where they will use it. This is why going with professional painter can be a good decision.


The Thorough Clean-up Upon the Completion

Just imagine preparing your home before painting, spending hours of your day doing the paint work and then cleaning up after the job is done. Seems exhausting!! Perhaps, the biggest advantage of hiring a painter in Orlando Fl is that they clean up after the job is over, besides the quality of work.

Conclusion: -

Anything worth doing is worth doing well and if you want to paint your house perfectly, then you should hire a painter in Orlando Fl of Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. With the efforts you save and the quality results you get, you will find that hiring a pro for painting your home is totally worth it.

For more information about our painting services, browse through the website today or feel free to contact online!


Must-Have Qualities Of A Professional Painter In Orlando Fl

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Are you looking to transform the look of your home from toe to head? If yes then applying a fresh coat of paint should be your best bet.However, house painting usually ends up investing more time and money than expected for house owners who try to accomplish the task themselves. This is possibly the reason why many people prefer professional painters in Orlando Fl for house painting task. However, when you are looking for professional painterin Orlando FL, seek these 5 qualities.


While looking for a house painting company, it is essential to look for a service that is versatile by nature, that means the company should be able to perform different kind of tasks. For instance, you should rent a service that focuses in interior painting and also design. Company with such versatility, you have the luxury of seasoned painters who can aid you place the finishing touch on your newly transformed house.

Detail Oriented:

One prime reason a great number of home owners hate painting their house themselves is due to the various details of painting, for example, taping & painting trim. But for a professional painting firm, attention to these minute details is what sets them apart.


Just like in any other business experience of the painter counts a lot when it comes to professional house painting. Look for a Orlando painter who’s experienced in various kinds of projects, encompassing single house jobs &entire house painting. The more experience your Orlando painter is the better the finishing touch will be.

Time line Observant:

Nothing could be more horrible than your home renovation or remodeling task stretched out longer and longer just because of your painting contractor mismanaging his timing. Pick a painting contractor that know the significance of time and will be able to accomplish his responsibility in the deadline so that both your home and your life can return to the usual routine.

Guarantee on Work:

A professional paint contractor should always be able to offer a guarantee depending upon the kind of paint. A majority of contractors offer the guarantee of covering flaking, chipping, blistering, chalking or peeling for 1st two years. Nevertheless, it should be stated clearly in the agreement. Check out if the guarantee encompasses both labor and material.

Get you house painting job accomplished with utmost professionalism by the help of professional Painters in Orlando Fl offered by Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. For further inquiry about our offerings, please contact us at 407 679-0111. For more details, stay social with us:

How Better Is an Option of Professionals Painters in Orlando Fl than DIY Solutions?

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Are you planning to paint your house in Orlando FL afresh and give it a new curb appeal? There must be any sign of weathering or discoloration on your interior or exterior walls that might be looking annoying. Then you need a perfect paint solution of painters in Orlando Fl to restore back the look of your home.
Are you having a thought of DIY (do-it-yourself) painting job for your house? Even if you are considering a DIY painting work to end up saving a few hundred dollars, you need to be aware of the results. Will it give your home the paint finish that professional painters in Orlando Fl can ensure? Will the surface of walls, ceilings and edges of your rooms be evenly painted and given an aesthetic appearance? Not really, as the results of your DIY home painting will be rather frustrating, time-wasting, and physically stressful.
If you need the most appealing and long lasting paint solution then its better to consider the service of trained and experienced house painters in Orlando Fl! Hiring these painters will always be a better option than DIY house painting in Orlando Fl. They will have necessary tools and technique for painting and capability to carry away all of your stress involved in the project and leave you nothing less than a thoroughly painted and charming home.

Let’s find out how better is an option of painters in Orlando Fl than DIY solutions.
1. High Binding and Concealing Effect:
The professionally trained painters in Orlando Fl give priority to using quality paints and efficient techniques that would help the paint to bind fast to every surface. They also have good knowledge of colors which can cover up the existing color of house in a few layers of painting. In this way, you can expect to save your time and money required to apply extra coats of paint.
2. Guarantee of Cleanliness and Perfect Finish:
Using the correct painting tools including rollers and brush, the highly proficient house painters in Orlando Fl will guarantee perfect finish along with thorough cleanliness in your project. From wrapping your furniture and floor to protect them from paint drops to making the paint lines get invisible with expert techniques, they assure everything. No matter whether you are hiring them for interior or exterior painting of your house, with professional service of Orlando based painters, you can feel sure of a perfect paint job done on the budget. 
 3- Efficient Painting Site Preparations:
Regardless of the size of your Orlando painting project professional painters will focus on to deliver first-rate painting service at reasonable rate. But prior to that, these painters will efficiently prepare the painting surface, which will acquire a better finish later.
To avoid losing liveliness of your house paint in DIY efforts and enjoy aesthetic paint value all the time, you can call for the service of paintersin Orlando Fl of Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. It is one of the efficient painting contractors available in the area to serve the customers with custom painting solutions for their commercial and residential properties. With its expert painters in Orlando Fl, you can be sure of getting outstanding paint results along with maximum satisfaction. To discuss your paint needs, you can call it at 407 679-0111 today. For more details, stay social with us:

How to Choose the Best House Painters in Orlando FL?

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Looking forward for a stress free and efficient house painting job in Orlando FL? Want to hire the professionals to achieve perfection and exceptional service? House painting job is complex that includes choosing right paint color, handling paint mixtures, stains and chemicals as well as has many other things. This makes it important to hire an experienced painting specialist in Orlando FL who will transform your home into an elegant space.

Are you confused! Wandering how to select the right person for your painting job in Orlando FL? Please have a look at the following tips that will help you in choosing expert painters for your house painting project in Orlando FL?

#Tip 1- Check Out the Credibility:

By considering whether the house painter is certified, insured or licensed, you will be able to make the right choice. It will prove to be best in hiring house painters from a reputable painting contractor in Orlando FL. This will make sure; you get assistance of industry best man-force having great skills to deliver exceptional service.

#Tip 2- Rate the Work Experience:

It is always good to get assistance of highly experienced house painters for your painting project in Orlando FL. Checking out the level of experience of a preferred painter will give you an idea about the house painter’s way of dealing or handling some specific painting projects. This will help you in sorting them out and select the right professionals for your painting job as per your requirement. Being a part of several house painting projects in Orlando FL, the house painters will be well aware and efficient to handle all sorts of challenges while executing the work.


#Tip 3- Consider the Service:

Working with reliable and quality painters will help you get a custom painting service in Orlando FL that will suitably fulfill your entire requirement. Getting quality paint products, materials, supplies and tools from the house painters will make sure you enjoy a perfect finish and perfection for your painting project in Orlando FL.

#Tip 4- Compare the Price:

Getting a quality painting service in Orlando FL by expert painters will prove to be an affordable deal for every homeowner. Reliable painting contractors in Orlando Florida will offer high quality service at fair price that will result in your 100 percent satisfaction.

Highly skilled house painters in Orlando FL at Steve Johnson’s Painting Service will leave no stone unturned in delivering exceptional service that will suit your requirement and budget. As one of the most competent painting contractors in Orlando Fl, we are fully licensed and insured to execute and accomplish your painting project in a safe, convenient and hassle free way.

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How to Make Sure You’ve Hired the Right Painting Contractor

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When it comes to home improvement projects, painting certainly tops the list. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is, hiring a professional painting contractor will definitely save you a lot of precious time & effort  in the long run. However, before you hire a painter in Orlando, Fl who fulfill your particular requirements, take into account the following:


This is the first and most important thing to check out. Ask the business how long they have been in this industry. The painting industry has high turnover. Ensure you employ someone who has at least 3 or 4 years of industry experience.

Employees vs. subcontractors:

Does the painting contractor have workers? If yes, are they direct personnel? If they’re direct personnel, meaning they acquire a paycheck from the painting contractor, or are they weighed sub-contractors? If they’re direct workers, the contractor’s worker compensation & general liability insurance plans must cover them. If they’re sub-contractors, they must have their personal insurance policies. Both ways, the contractor must provide you proof of insurance both for their business as well as any subcontractors, if required.

Authorized  licensing:

Does the contractor possess a state-authorized license, workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance? It’s absolutely essential that the painting contractor has all important insurance& licenses. A recognizable, insured and licensed contractor will have all the legal documents. It safeguards them and any employees may have on the site, and also you  & your house.

Preparation job:

What sort of training work does the painting contractor perform? A poor preparation will not do any good to your home improvement project. A professional painting contractor will take his time to prepare everything for a successful job accomplishment. The workmanship can be seen in the end: great or poor.

House Painters in Orlando


Is the painting contractor capable enough to make suggestion on what materials will work perfect for your home? A professional should have most up-to-date knowledge regarding the latest painting techniques and products. They should have recommendations for colors & finishes and must be knowledgeable regarding the latest trends in home painting.

Formal estimates:

Ensure the contractor keeps the range of projects, materials they’ll employ and the amount of preparation work in a written agreement. A pro painting contractor offers their clients with written agreements and specifications.


Does your painting contractor provide any guarantee? In addition to the guarantee provided on the items by the paint makers, most renowned painting contractors will provide a warranty on the preparation or application procedure. If so, you should ask for a written one.

Contact Steve Johnson’s Painting Service if you are looking for a professional painter in Orlando, Fl. No matter what kind of painting you are looking for home or office, please feel to contact us at 407 679-0111.

3 Tips for Selecting Best Exterior House Paint Color in Orlando FL

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Giving your home exterior fresh coat of paint is a great way to protect it from harsh weather and moisture. Selecting one of the best expressive or bold color palettes will help your house to make a statement as well as by getting the right color scheme will help in creating a stunning first impression of the home as well as enhances its curb appeal. For which, you need a reliable assistance of Orlando painting contractor to get expert house painters in Orlando Florida for efficiently executing the house painting job in a convenient way. It is widely observed most people get overwhelmed by the color selection for home’s exterior, which sets a perfect tone for the entire property.  

Below listed are some tips that will help in selecting the perfect exterior house paint color:

1. Consider Location:


By taking a walk around the neighborhood, you will get an idea of various colors being used in the surrounding, which will help in picking up the right exterior house paint matching your own color scheme. This will assure you do not use the exact color scheme as your next door neighbors neither will select an exterior house paint that will clash with their houses. While considering the location and neighborhood you will able to select best exterior house paint that will thoughtfully match an exact theme of the street, block and community.


Landscape and Nature:

You can also consider the surrounding nature and landscaping where your home is located, to select the exterior house paint that will enhance your yard and landscaping. Whether you have a landscaping with flowering shrubs or fruit trees, you will be able to select a perfect shade that will enhance the exterior of your house beautifully.

2. Look out for the Architecture:

You should always consider the unchangeable elements of your home such as roof shingles, brick accents and stone chimney; this will help in finding suitable exterior house paint, which will go well and blend with the elements while giving your house a great look.

3. Assistance of Best Orlando Painting Contractor:

You need a reliable assistance of one of the leading Orlando painting contractor, Steve Johnson’s Painting Service which specializes for both exterior house painting and interior house painting in Orlando FL. You will get highly skilled and talented exterior and interior house painters in Orlando Florida at Steve Johnson’s Painting Service, who will help in successfully executing a great house painting job. With our experienced house painters in Orlando FL, you will get a good color consultation that will result in choosing the right exterior house paint for enhancing the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home.

Contact us today at 407 679-0111 for a free consultation.

Reasons to Hire Professional House Painters in Orlando Fl

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Painting your home can seem a simple task but involves complex stuffs, which makes it essential in seeking a professional assistance to achieve perfection and beautiful finish. In this case, hiring expert house painter from a local painting contractor in Orlando Fl will prove to be effective. Professional house painters are competent enough in executing a painting job, whether it is required in painting a new house or touching up current house in Orlando Fl.

Why to seek assistance of professional house painters?

High Quality Service:

Experienced house painter will help you in getting perfectly finished walls as per your requirement. Compared to any DIY house painting job, house painting done by professionals will help you in gaining great complements from friends, visitors and guests. For executing a good painting job the house painters will use right tools such as brushes, scaffolds, eco-friendly paints and rollers. You will get high quality end results with expert house painters, who will offer you smooth painted walls both exterior and interior of your property in Orlando Fl as per the requirement.


Proper Pre-Painting Preparation:

To achieve perfection it is required in performing a properly executed pre-painting work, which requires in scraping the walls, taking care of spots & stains as well as smoothening out a surface. This helps in laying a good foundation for executing a perfect painting job in a convenient way. The highly skilled house painters are well aware about this right technique to paint surfaces, which offers an elegantly painted property in Orlando Fl.

Post Painting Clean-up:

With assistance of professional house painter, you do not have to be worried about cleaning-up all the mess after the end of painting. You will find there will be a less mess after a painting project done by the professional painters, which will be cleaned up by the painters.


Professional house painters are efficient enough in executing a good painting job while on several feet above the ground. With using all safety measures and right tools, the house painters will execute a decent painting job. For this reason, it is considered good in getting assistance of a licensed and insured house painter for preventing any unfortunate incident.

Saves Time:

Compared to any DIY house painting job, experienced painters will execute the painting job within your given duration. This will result in achieving well painted walls both interior and exterior with a professional finish and elegance within a desired period of time.

Steve Johnson’s Painting Service offers house painters in Orlando Fl for delivering exceptional service as per your requirement and budget. Our highly skilled and experienced house painters are capable enough in perfectly executing your painting job while eyeing your specific requirements. We are fully licensed and insured painting contractor in Orlando Fl. Call us today at 407 679-0111 for a free consultation.

Effective Painting Tricks for Luxurious Looking Space in Orlando Fl

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In this present scenario, most of the homeowners in Orlando Fl are found spending huge amount of bucks for bringing out the best in their interior. One should always remember that getting high quality results does not necessarily require in bearing huge expenses. By simply getting assistance of a reliable painting contractor in Orlando Fl and following some painting tricks you could achieve a luxurious space having a great curb appeal.  

Have a look at some of the interior painting tricks, which can result in enhancing your whole-house interior painting scheme in Orlando Fl:

Go for a Same Color to Paint Walls and Trims:

Painting your trim with same color as your walls will do wonder in making a room look bigger without having any blur lines between spaces. It will prove to be effective in painting your trim with oil-based paint and walls with water-based paint that will make the light reflect off, which will give the space a modern look and feel.


Opt for Painting the trim Darker than Walls:

You will get the option of playing in a bolder way with neutrals for painting trim in dark color and wall with light effect. Darker and boldly colored trim is found best in making a contrasting effect with lighter colored walls. This ensures you will not get bothered with dirty baseboards, which are painted dark.

Use Oil-based Paint for Painting Feature Wall:

If you are having a wall with lot of paneling on it then paint the trim and drywall with oil-based paint that will give a look like wood feature wall. In case of luxury real wood walls, stairwells and chimneys, you can take the advantage of oil-paint’s sheen by painting them with oil-based paint.

Paint Ceiling and Walls with Same Color:

Most people in Orlando Fl are these days loving the concept of painting walls and ceiling with same color of their master bedroom or nursery. It is found effective in using dark color to paint the walls and ceiling of a bedroom that allows in controlling light and enhances mood & sleep. You will get an effect of being surrounded in the same dark hue that will create of being wrapped up in a blanket.


Assistance of an Insured Painting Contractor in Orlando Fl:

You will find experienced and highly skilled interior painters in Orlando Flat Steve Johnson’s Painting Service, which is a most trusted and one of the best painting contractor. Our expert house painters in Orlando Fl have worked with many homeowners for successfully implementing their interior painting ideas and color schemes. Contact us today at 407 679-0111 for a free consultation.